Interactive Lecture Desk


It is the best selection if video projector or electronic blackboard is equipped in the classroom.

If written on the tablet monitor equipped with the lecture desk, the screen is printed on the video projector or electronic blackboard as it is.

The teacher may write on the blackboard more easily without hiding the screen that the students are watching.

Interactive Lecture Desk


  • Tablet Monitor
    – It is a tablet monitor of various sizes. No separate battery is needed, and it is very light. You may write on the screen as if with the ball-point pen, or pencil.
  • Integrated Controller is equipped
    – If only a button is pushed, the video projector is switched on, and the motor screen comes down. You may not switch on or off one by one.
  • Storage Space
    – The “19” Rack Storage is composed for the storage of equipment and materials. Various equipments and materials such as computer, amplifier etc. can be stored, and there is no fear of theft, or missing with a locking system.
Tablet Monitor

In case there is a lecture desk already in the classroom, or if it is an environment difficult to install the electronic lecture desk, only tablet monitor may be used. Instead of the PC monitor that has been used, you may connect the tablet monitor.