3D Contents


This is the contents for 3D education that can be used with the 3D TV, and 3D projector.
By using Interactive LCD Display, easier operation is available, and the concentration and achievement level of students may be highly enhanced.

Contents for Science

  • Cubic effect entirely different with books, or general video data
  • Composition of learning by use of 3D Computer graphic, Animation, Narration with more than 20 categories, more than 90 themes, and more than 260 subjects
  • Ant, Vinegar fly, Butterfly
  • Herbivorous dinosaurs, Meat-eating dinosaurs, Crab
  • Airplane, Car, Ship
  • The solar system, Constellation, Fuel-injection structure, Fuel burn
  • Skeletal system, Sensory system, Circulatory system
  • The earth and moon, Structure of a plant, Materials structure
  • Insect, DNA Structure
3D Contents - Science
Grammar Contents

  • Experience the grammar with the 3-D stereoscopic image, which is not sufficient with only memorization and understanding
  • Learning concentration level is improved with the interesting development of stories
  • Direction of the situation that is close to the real life.
  • Phased textbook and learning guide well composed by levels
3D Contents - Grammar
3D Animation

  • Space Restor – SF Action adventure in Space
  • Deep Sea Restor – SF Action adventure in Deep Sea
  • Phantom House – Comic Horror
  • Snow Ball – Funny happening in the South Pole
3D Contents - Animation