Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview


There is a case that requires interview for the purpose of entrance exam and finding a job.

The virtual interview system is a program to be with the effective way together on the possibility of passing the interview for the interviewee, and on the saving of labor cost, and securing of high potential individuals for the interview institute.
Endless loop interview is available with a reasonable price.


  • Both supervising and operating of individual students or teacher are available with software which is convenient and easy to operate.
  • Lively interview situation is directed by capturing actual interview questions one by one.
  • All the interview processes may be checked anytime as recorded with a high resolution camera.
  • Weak points may be improved with a self diagnosis through the recorded image of interview training.
  • Vivid sense of realism with the actually recorded voice, which is not a TTS voice
  • Not only the interview skill is improved, but also the interview style of one’s own is created through the repeated virtual training of simulation interview.

Order of Process

  • Interview Preparation: User information and interview type is selected.
  • Interview Start: Interview is started according to the guide of screen.
  • Interview Progress: If interview is started, you should look at the front and reply.
  • Interview Evaluation: Interview contents are evaluated, and consulted with the saved video.